Lancôme Hydrix Micro-Nutrient Moisturizing Gel

Lancôme Hydrix Micro-Nutrient Moisturizing Gel, R380

What they say: For daily skin moisturizing, enriched with micro-nutrients specially chosen for men. For normal to combination skin.

What we say: The boyf has been using this for years. It took me 3 years to get him to use products at all. But since I got him onto Lancôme Men, he hasn’t looked back.

He suffered with both oily and dry patches on his skin, and it was quite sun damaged (due to not believing in sun protection – apparently Portuguese people don’t need sun block. Hhhmm. That is a topic for another post). Anyway, his skin improved within a month of using it, and has just kept improving.

If you’re struggling to get your man to use products, I would highly recommend this as training wheels to get them into it, as he will see results in just a few weeks.


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