Happy 2013

Happy new year Rouge girls! I hope you all had a fantastic break!

I found this on Tumblr: a snake-like 2013 in the Pantone colour of the year, Emerald Green

For those of your heading back to the daily grind today, good luck! And for those of you still on holiday…the rest of us are too jealous to care what you’re up to 🙂

2013 is the year of the black snake – sounds a bit scary, hey? Instead of thinking of them as predators, rather think of them as animals who have been worshiped by and as gods for centuries. They are strong little creatures too; they can defeat animals larger than them, shed skins they don’t want, can sense danger, and sleep all the way through winter. So instead of fearing them, this year we should try and be more like them!

I hope you all have a wonderful year, and that 2013 brings everything you hope and wish for. And I can’t wait to share even more exciting beauty products and happenings with you!
Emmy xxx

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