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Summer Hair Styles

Hair trends were quite a mixed bag this season on the catwalks. These are my three favourites.

Michael Kors Image:

Messy, crazy plaits hit the catwalk at Michael Kors. You need to have some length in the hair to achieve this style. I love this look because there simply are no rules. You can just go wild. Create a large plait, and then split it into smaller fishtail plaits, and then tie it all in a knot and pull out random bits. The messier, the better! To get volume and some grip, spray use some dry shampoo first –this will give the hair a stiffness that will make it much easier to create that messy look.


D&G Image:

Chignons were the style du jour over at Dolce and Gabbana. It was a very modern interpretation, but still managed to be sophisticated. Instead of the traditional twist at the back of the head, they created many twists all over the head. Take random pieces of hair, twist over itself, and pin in place. To create volume, just pin over other twists. Just make sure you set it with a strong hold hairspray, as it will want to slip out by the end of the day. Simple and elegant.


Alexander Wang Image:

The more out-there of the trends, was Alexander Wang’s wet look tresses. Models were sent down the runway with their hair flattened to their heads with more gel than has been seen since the 80s. This look is only passable at the coast, however. I know you Jozi girls love to look done, but we coastal chickas will think nothing of venturing out in public (and not just to the beach) with wet hair. I do it at least 3 times a week. So I don’t think this will be too much of a departure for us.

It’s easy to achieve too! All you have to do is comb gel (remember that?) through damp hair, and go! I call it my South Easter style – I comb by hair back, off my face, and it stays there all day.

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