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Fresh faced with Sisley

Last year I was telling you all about the biggest trends of the season, but this is one with a difference, and waaaaay overdue (désolé Christian et Yumnaa).

Christian Guglietta

I met Sisley’s head make-up artist, Christian Guglietta one afternoon in early December. He was tired from doing customers’ make-up for hours. But being the pro he obviously is, he managed to create me my very own “trend” for the summer.

I had intended to meet him to discuss his favourite trends for the season like I did with Andrew from Lancôme here. But I soon discovered that that was not going to happen. “Sisley doesn’t believe in following trends. They prefer to help their customers enhance their natural beauty. You but better, in a way.” Christian explains. “I mean, would you wear fuchsia eye shadow and blue lipstick? No! So why would our customers?” as he threw his hands up like and Italian grandpa. He, like many Europeans, has that certain charm that enables him to deliver his opinion quite forcefully without being rude.

Downing copious espresso’s (worse than me!) he set about creating a gorgeous palette for my skin tone, age and what I was wearing.

I have to admit that some of the choices he made terrified me (orange and green eyeshadow!?!), but the result was so stunning! I’m just going to write it out step-by-step, as there is quite a lot.

Complexion savers

Christian says tat everybody should use their Black Rose Mask before a big event. It moisturizes like nothing on earth and gives your skin a heavenly glow. I couldn’t agree more as it was my number 1 product of the season.

Next was Radiant Immediate Lift just to iron-out my pesky fine lines and wrinkles. Face lift in a bottle, this. Was considering bathing in it from now on…

Then Instant Perfect Primer. Note how, on step 3, we still haven’t actually applied any make-up. This is how the professionals do it! The Primer creates a smooth, even base for the foundation.


He decided that the Phyto-Teint Eclat Fluid Foundation in #2 was the best choice for me. A creamy texture that melted into the skin and gave great coverage.

This was set with a dusting of Phyto-Teint Eclat Compact, also on #2.

Phyto Blush

My cheeks were given a healthy flush with Phyto-Blush Eclat in #3, a soft rose shade.

Phyto Sourcils

He then filled my brows with Phyto-Sourcils Perfect in Blonde, which gave a great finish. I normally use a darker shade, but this looked much better!

Eye team

Then he started on my eyes. Phyto-Ombre Ecalt in Vanilla all the way up to my brow bone, then Mango (the orange!) over my lid, and accented along the lash line and shaded around the outer corners was Stardust (a deep metallic green).

My tear and lash lines were then rimmed with Phyto-Khol Star in Deep Silver.

The best tip I learnt from him was to apply a coat of black mascara (Ultra-Stretch), then a coat of blue, followed by another coat of black. It opens your eyes, and makes them pop without looking too over the top. He curls lashes after mascara, which I don’t like, but he’s the boss!

Lip products

And for a final flourish, my lips were given the full treatment of liner (Phyto-Levres Perfect Kokum in Tea Rose), then lipstick Phyto-Lip Blink in #14, topped with a slick of Phyto-Lip Star Lipgloss in #2 (my current gloss fave).

I did take a pic of the finished product, but unfortunately BB photos are not good enough to post on the site. Lesson learnt.

If you fancy a make-over, or just another look, pop down to your nearest Sisley counter (you’ll find them in selected Edgars stores) and ask the girls for some advice.


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