Catrice SS15 Lookbook

Catrice has a new lookbook out, and you’re going to want to get in on the action. (Even though it’s summer looks.)
Catrice Lookbook 2015

Tap into your favourite makeup trends with Catrice this season by trotting over here and having a gander at their 6 hottest looks for the season. Then pretend you’re wandering around Europe for the summer while you read what I have to think about this amazing hail of products they sent me to try…


  1. 12H Matte Mousse Make Up in Light Beige. Now I’m always wary of matte formulas, as it’s just not something my dry skin needs in its life. But this one wasn’t bad. It isn’t as powdery as most matte formulas and gave really decent coverage without looking cakey. I wouldn’t wear it every day, but would sport it on a night our where I needed my make up to stay put. Those of you who have oily to combination skin will love it!
  2. All Round Cover Stick in Nude. I have to admit I haven’t used a concealer like this in yonks! I do have a soft spot for them though, as the first concealer I ever owned was the Yardley oatmeal one that looks fairly similar to this. The formula and coverage is miles better than that one, circa 1997, thankfully. It covers well and is buildable, to an extent. It lasted as long as my foundation, too, which is fab.
  3. The Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base is just the winner, winner chicken dinner for me. I love every product in the Prime and Fine range, and if you’re wanting to get into primer of any kind, this is the range to start with. I used it under a dramatic smokey eye to a friend’s birthday a few weeks ago, and had to really work at getting it off at the end of the night. No creasing, no smudging and no panda eyes by 11pm. Brilliant!
  4. Yay, yay, yay! They’ve only gone and made a rose gold eye palette. All together now: Ooooooooh, aaaaaaaah! This is the Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette in Frankie Rose To Hollywood. This is just as impressive as the Absolute Nude palettes – great colour payoff thanks to rich pigments and brilliant blendability.
  5. I want to try more of the Luminous Lips Lipstick range. The formula is soft and buttery and leaves your lips feeling nourished and hydrated. This shade is called Would Rose Propose?
  6. The Jet Lash Ultra Black Speed Volume Mascara does exactly what it says on the tube. Ultra Black? Yes. Speed Volume? Yes. Love it. If you’re looking for a new volumising mascara, give this one a go!
  7. Now the Made To Stay Inside Eye Khol Kajal in Come Black And Stay was terrible. Sorry Catrice, it was. The idea is that its meant to be so waterproof you can use it on your waterline – you can’t. Well, you can, but it will smudge and give you panda eyes. I tried it on 4 different occasions, all with equally disappointing results. Maybe I have extra watery eyes, and no, I didn’t cry on any of these occasions, but I didn’t find it in any way waterproof.
  8. The Velvet Matte Smokey Eye Pencil in Avokhaki did redeem them, however. I’m very impressed with the formula – when I read velvet eye pencil, I did rolls my eyes a little – how velvet can a pencil look, exactly? Turns out, very. An di love this colour, too. It works well with my blue eyes.
  9. Now for another downer, sadly. I really wanted to like the Revolutionary 3 Step System because I love Catrice nail polishes, but this was just not nice. There’s a base coat and a top cot that you use in conjunction with and Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer. Now firstly, why do a 3 step system when there are so many other brands doing 2 step ones? Well, maybe because yours is so super duper brilliant. Nope, it isn’t. The base coat has a weird texture – almost like wall paper paste and leaves your nails looking remarkably like the primer coat in a gel nail application – promising, I thought, but that was the end of the goodness. The Ultimate Nail Lacquer shade they sent me is called A Gallon of Melon. Now I don’t know if it was a shade issue or a base coat issue, but after 3 coats it was still streaky, and by that stage I was bored, but persevered none the less. So 4 coats and an hour later, I applied the very runny top oat. Ok, fine, maybe it’ll last two weeks (still don’t think all the hassle’s worth it), but no, I woke up the next day to two chipped nails. I haven’t had the inclination to try the system again, but I will try it again at some stage, and I’ll let you know how I get on.
  10. But I’m finishing on a high note with these two darling Absolute Eye Colour Monos. On the left we have Li-La Bamba and on the right, My Mermint. As I mentioned above, I love Catrice shadows and I love this packaging even more. These shades are perhaps not the most suitable for winter, but I’ll be bringing these babies out come September.

Pop down to your nearest Dis-Chem store to see all the new Catrice launches for yourself.