Rouge Beauty nails by Chi Chi

Last week I got a wonderful surprise from nail magician, Chi Chi.

I met her a few weeks ago at the office. She wanted to take a picture of what I was wearing as inspiration for my own nail art. Such a cool idea! Now this girl has mad skills. I always try and do nail art like this, but it always looks like one of my dog’s did it.

Not my finest hour, but I did have polish on at least!

I was wearing a pinstripe dress that my dear friend, Susra got for me in the UK a few years ago. (She got one too, so we used to wear it like a uniform.) I was in the middle of moving warehouses, so Chi Chi caught me not only a bit sweaty, but also sans make-up. Not good. But despite that, she came-up with the coolest of designs! Here are some pics from her site. If you want to know how to get the ‘Rouge Beauty’ look pop over to her site and have a look around while you’re there – it’s full of inspiration!

My nautical design was created using Revlon polishes

Thanks Chi Chi! x