The Real Shaving Company launches into Clicks

Fresh off the boat, The Real Shaving Company has been grooming men for 60 years. Started in the UK in 1953, the brand has just landed in Clicks stores.


They describe themselves as being ‘inspired by the care of a traditional barbershop and the skin care possibilities that new technology allow.’ The brand follows a three-step system that is more akin to a skin care routine than a blokey shaving one.

Step1 is the Pre Shave is the form of a Daily Exfoliating Face Scrub, R49.95, to prepare the skin for shaving.

Step 2 is the Shave itself, facilitated by the Super Slide Shave Oil, R49.95 that allows the razor to effortlessly glide over the skin without nicking or pinching and reducing the possibility of razor burn.

Step 3 is the Post Shave treatment, Multi-Task Super 8 Balm, R65.95, which works in, rather unsurprisingly, 8 ways.  It soothes, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, energises, moisturises, refines pores, clears blemishes, mattifies and provides anti-oxidant protection. That should be enough for even the fussiest of boys!