Sisley Eau Efficace Gentle Make-Up Remover

Sisley Eau Efficace Gentle Make-Up Remover, R910

What they say: A gentle, sensory, high-performance and non-rinse cleansing lotion. Formulated with deeply cleansing plant-based saponins, EAU EFFICACE removes surface impurities and traces of pollution accumulated during the day, and effectively removes face and eye make-up, even long lasting. Suitable for sensitive eyes.

What we say: I’m sure you’re aware of my love affair with this brand. When I grow-up I fear it may be the only skincare brand I use!

This make-up remover is no exception. I adore its soft, floral scent and am even more enamored with the pump-action cap. The PR did warn me that this may be my favourite part of the product, and although I think it’s beyond cool, the formula itself is what I love most.

In winter, I switch to a cream cleanser (Vichy 3-in-1, incase you’re wondering), and don’t really want water anywhere near my face its so dry. This make-up remover fits perfectly into my water-free routine. It gently removes make-up and grime, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, soft and hydrated. So much so that I feel like I’ve had a mini facial after using it.

Its only downside (and I was warned of this too) is that it will not remove heavy duty waterproof make-up. (Sisley do not believe in waterproof make-up, but this is because they are one of the few companies to have mastered long-wear sufficiently enough not to warrant waterproof versions. (Other brands, please take note.)) I, however, am a fan of waterproof mascara, so have to use my Bioderma Sensibo H20 (also water-less, just FYI) to remove the offending mascara.

If you are a hard-core waterproof fan, this is not for you. But if you are a regular make-up girl, or have Gobi Desert-like dry skin, then this is a great remover for your skin.


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