Two transitional products from Placecol

I love autumn and spring, but my skin plays up the most in these transitional seasons. I been testing these two launches from Placecol, and both have impressed.


Placecol Moisture Hold Therapy (R315)

What they say: A long-lasting hydration serum specially formulated to assist in restoring moisture and suppleness to dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

What I say: I’m a sucker for hydrating serums, and this one is one of the better ones in its price range. It absorbs very quickly, leaving my skin soft and instantly hydrated.

It works well under all of the moisturisers and primers I’ve used it with and creates a great base for makeup for the evening.

I’ve noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, too. It’s smoother and my complexion is definitely brighter after a month of daily use.


Placecol Conditioning Lip Therapy (R70)

What they say: An ultra-hydrating lip conditioner that provides long-term moisture to help repair and protect against dry, chapped lips.

What I say: This is also fabulous for the price point. The formula is quite liquid, but doesn’t spill everywhere when you apply it.

It absorbs well, and after a few minutes you can’t even feel it on your lips, but they are super hydrated. It’s a great option for those of you who hate the feel of sticky balm, and will work well as a matte lipstick base, too.