Filorga Lift-Designer Ultra-Lifting Serum

Filorga Lift-Designer Ultra-Lifting Serum (R1095)

What they say: This formula has an immediate and long-term tightening effect. Its fluid texture is quickly absorbed and instantly leaves the skin feeling tighter and the complexion refreshed.

UNIQUE CORE FORMULA – Plasmatic Lifting Factors®

Plasma Rich in Cellular Factors

A plant extract from Curcuma longa rhizome, which is concentrated in cell growth factors, stimulates cell renewal and helps restore collagen and elastin synthesis


A marine origin collagen of identical structure to the collagen that is found naturally in the skin, boosts the natural collagen reserves helping to compensate for the loss of collagen experienced as part of the ageing process.

Hyaluronic Acid

Very low weight hyaluronic acid cross-linked with Konjac, swells to lift sunken areas in the skin to recreate lost volume and redefine facial contours.

A duo of plant active agents provides an ultra-tightening effect: Arabinoxylane stimulates the contracting abilities of the cells and restores the skin’s natural lifting properties. Microalgae smoothes the microrelief and tightens the skin.

A roll-on applicator provides mechanical stimulation and boosts the effectiveness of the active ingredients, for an intensive smoothing and tightening effect.

What I say: This brand can honestly do no wrong. This serum delivered results in just two weeks. Although my skin isn’t at sagging stage yet, it has begun to loose some fullness, and can be pretty lack-lustre at times. This was just what he doctor ordered. While I didn’t see any lifting, per se, I did notice a vast improvement in moisture retention – often any serums I apply have faded by the time I have my second cup of coffee, but this stayed around and kept my skin plump and happy all day. And with prolonged use, it’s just getting better and better.

I love the metal roll-on applicator, but I’m a sucker for facial massage anyway. I know it may not be to everyone’s liking, though, so you can just pop it off and apply the serum the way you would any other.

There is also a day and night cream in the collection (also R1095 each), but I think they may be a bit too rich for my skin now, but speak to me after 40, and I’m sure I’ll be all in.

If you want to bring your youthful glow and plump complexion back, this is the range you’ve been waiting for.

You’ll find the range at selected Red Square and Edgar’s stores nationwide. For a full list of stockists click here.