Welcome back, Shellac!

I love the joy of rediscovering products and brands that I love, but for some reason have lost touch with.


This happened most recently two weeks ago when I was mailed by the lovely ladies at CND, the creators of Shellac.

Now ‘gel polish’ is a phenomenon that has changed the lives of girls everywhere, I mean who doesn’t love a polish that delivers chip-free, shiny polish for up to 2 weeks? I’ve tried them all, and have to say that, for me, none come close to Shellac. I say ‘for me’ as two days after I had mine applied I was at a blogger lunch where one fellow blogger was showing us how her Shellac had lasted only two days. Of course, as with everything, there is no right fit for everybody, so I write this a person who has never had less than 10 days wear out of Shellac. And the only reason it had to come off was because my nails had grown-out so much, I couldn’t bear to see the white regrowth. This leads nicely onto why I love Shellac so much, you see other gel/polish systems buff the hell out of your nails, while Shellac’s application calls for no buffing at all. The removal process does see the top (incredibly) shiny layer be treated to spot of buffing, but never the natural nail. This leaves my nails so strong, I can’t hardly believe it myself when they grow to lengths that Riri would be proud to call her own.

I know that they have a much smaller colour range than other brands, but really, how many shades can you wear at a time anyway? And, with shades like the one below, randomly named ‘hotski to tchotchke’, there is no need for complaints.

Day 1
Day 5
Day 10

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