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Skin Regimen Longevity Facial

Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Longevity Facial at Carlton Skin salons and selected salons and spas.

Italian skincare brand, Comfort Zone has launched a new range into their stable. Skin Regimen is an holistic approach to skin health.

Instead of the usual creams and potions, Skin Regimen is more of a way of life. The regime was created by a team of doctor and scientists to help you achieve your best skin possible through a combination of products, supplements and life style recommendations.

The home care range consists of 6 products and Omega 3+ supplements. The products are designed to correct and protect the skin while fighting the signs of ageing.

When I heard that the facial takes just 30 minutes and includes only 3 steps, I was very excited. Unlike many people, I don’t see facials as relaxation; I see them as a necessity. I don’t want cream slapped onto my face for an hour and a half when I could have done it at home, and in less time. I want my skin to be industrially cleaned and I want to be able to see a difference immediately.

Thankfully, the facial delivered just what I wanted: results and in a short period of time. Your skin is cleansed first with the Duo Cleanser, a cleaner/toner in one. The texture feels quite oily, but it cleans like mad, and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. The middle step is the application of a very mild fruit acid peel. I know, I know, peels are the devil, but this one is incredibly mild. My skin barely even went pink, and normally it reacts if your look at it. This is left on for 5 – 10 minutes so that it can chew away any dead cells (yum). Once this is rinsed off, a serum and moisturiser best suited to your skin type are applied, as well as sun protection.

I left the salon 33 minutes after I walked in, and my skin looked like I’d been there for four times longer. Two weeks later and my skin still looks radiant and plump.

COST: R450 for 30 minutes

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