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Kiehl’s FINALLY arrives in the Mo’City!

Yes girls, your eyes are not deceiving you – Kiehl’s is opening its doors in CT next week!


Having waited for what seems like forever, CT chicks can get their fix at Edgars in Canal Walk from 1 October. This will lure even the most precious of southern suburbs princesses (you know who you are, and no I’m not judging you, I’m one of you) out into the unforgiving north. (Or, as my friend Tannith’s husband refers to it, Joburg.)

The fab man who made this happen for us in the Mother of all Cites is the ever dapper Azhar. “We have been inundated with calls by Capetonian Kiehl’s lovers to open a store,” says to Azhar Moosa, Business Unit Head for Kiehl’s. “We plan to pull out all the stops to make them feel that the wait was all worth it when we open in Canal Walk Edgars in a week’s time.”

You’d better, boyo. But I know you won’t disappoint. I might point-out here that probably 70% of those calls, and emails and pleas were from the CT Beauty Eds. You’re welcome!

* As a tragic side note for me, I leave the country on a trip on Monday 30 September… So I won’t be elbow fighting you for Creme de Corps just yet. But come the end of October, well, you’ve been warned 😉

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