In need of a Voost?

Feeling a little less ready for 2015 than you’d hoped?

Vital Voost

You probably just need a vitamin boost, and thankfully the peeps at Vital have the answer. Vöost is their new range of effervescent vitamins will have you at your perky best in no time.

There are 5 variants available:

Mv Multivitamin, R45, is orange flavoured and contains 10 important vitamins to maintain good health.

Vitamin B Complex, R45, is apricot and peach flavoured and contains no fewer than 8 B vitamins.

Vitamin C, R42, is blood orange flavoured and each tablet contains 500mg of vitamin C to maintain healthy gums, skin and connective tissue, as well as providing protection from free radical damage.

Ca Calcium + D, R45, is orange flavoured and helps to promote strong teeth and bones. There is vitamin D added to help the body better absorb the calcium.

Mg Magnesium, R45, is citrus flavoured and helps to maintain healthy tissue and muscle functions.

The vitamins are available in stores or online here. Oh, and each tube contains 10 tablets.

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