Purelogicol Super Antioxidant Moisturiser SPF15

Purelogicol Super Antioxidant Moisturiser SPF15, R835.


What they say: An uplifting moisturiser infused with nano-vitamins, grape seed oil and green tea to help defend against free radical damage and photo-ageing.

This innovative formula combines active peptides and proteins clinically proven to boost collagen synthesis. Visibly reduces wrinkles, rehydrates and nourishes for a more youthful complexion.

What we say: Every scientist I speak to talks about the importance of antioxidants in a skincare routine. Think of them as your shield against external nasties that want to damage your cells and breakdown the structure of your skin. This ‘oxidative stress’ is basically what happens to an apple if you cut it, and leave it out in the open. It goes brown and soft – that is what is happening to your skin all the time, but just on a microscopic level. Protecting your skin with antioxidant creams like this one help prevent the damage that free radicals cause.

I LOVE Purelogicol. I have tried a few of their products, and have been impressed with all of them. I have been using this cream for 2 weeks now, and my skin feels softer, smoother and looks radiant.

However, there is sadly a downside to it. My problem with the brand as a whole is that they package most of their products in jars. And the contamination that can happen in jars is just too gross to think about. After hearing Paula Begoun talk a few months ago, I will just never use a jar-packaged product on my face for longer than a few weeks, ever. And even then, I really have to love the brand (as I do Purelogicol).

Now I know that the brands will tell us not to worry because there are adequate preservatives in the products, but there will be way more than there would be in a product packaged in an airtight container. I don’t know about you, but I would rather just go for the better packaging and not have to put excessive amounts of preservatives on my face…

ROUGE RATING: 5/5 for the product and 1/5 for the packaging that lets it down.