How to completely conceal a spot

Here’s a little ‘how to’ I shared with my Glamour readers.


Ever find that when you try to conceal a spot, it actually makes it more noticeable? Yep, me too.

It takes a bit of effort, but you can make those pesky spots disappear by following these easy steps.

My favourite concealer brush is MAC's 194 brush
My favourite concealer brush is MAC’s 194 brush
  1. It’s best to use a concealer brush, rather than your fingers for accurate application.  Apply a small amount of concealer to the tip of the brush. I would recommend a cream or stick concealer over a liquid one as they deliver better coverage.
  2. Work from the inside of the spot, outward until the whole spot is covered with concealer.
  3. Next sweep the brush outwards over the red area around the spot. Use short, soft feathery strokes to do this, as not to aggravate the area.
  4. Use your (very clean) ring finger to gently blend the area around the spot.
  5. Finally, load your brush with some loose powder the same colour as your skin, and dust the spot and surrounding area. This will set the concealer and help make your handy work last longer.