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New | Mr P Scarlet Hill

Mr. P have tried their hand at makeup again, and I’m happy to report that this time is infinitely better than their previous attempts.

The brand has brought out makeup a few times over the years, with varying product offerings and with even more varying success, none of which were anything to write home about. But the recently launched Scarlet Hill, a comprehensive collection of makeup and beauty accessories that have pretty much nailed the target market’s needs.

Look, I’m not saying that essence need be worried, but the products I tried were really good for their price points. It’s also important to note that Scarlet Hill can be bought on credit in a store that many young people shop in. I think Mr P won’t regret this launch at all, as long as they can keep the displays well stocked and, most critically, CLEAN. The stands I shopped from in the Cavendish store were already quite mank, and I had to search for non-damaged packaging.

I’ll start with the Scarlet Hill BB Cream SPF15 in Vanilla Swirl (R69.99). This is seriously good. I was expecting a chalky, cakey mess, but instead discovered a creamy, hydrating light coverage BB Cream to rival Garnier’s at half the price. Two thumbs up.

Moving onto eyes, and the Scarlet Hill Eyeshadow Palette in Nude (R79.99) also impressed. The darker shades need a bit of encouragement for deep colour pay-off, but for less than R10 per shade, I can’t complain.

I love the Scarlet Hill Triple Threat Mascara in Black (R49.99), too. Not the most volumising mascara I’ve ever used, but a great every day option for girls wanting length and definition.

The Scarlet Hill Contour & Glow Palette in Light (R79.99) was a dad too powdery for me. It took some work to blend seamlessly, but once there, the colour was great and it lasted all day without going patchy.

My curiosity got the better of me, and I (ironically) picked up a set of Scarlet Hill Pretty Purr-Fect Cat Eye Stencils (R19.99). These are meant to help you create the perfect winged liner. Well, as usual, one side came out beautifully, and the other didn’t. The reason for this is two-fold: firstly, the numbering and guide lines are only on one side, so when you flip it to do the other eye, you can’t see what you’re doing. And secondly; I’m probably the least talented liquid eye liner person on the face of the earth, and no stencils (cat shaped or otherwise) can help me create even half decent flicks.

The Scarlet Hill Tropical Heat Limited Edition Gloss Nail Polish (R10) has a lovely short brush for precise application, and the colour payoff is great – you could get away with a one coater if you were in a rush. It did smell like spray paint, so I’d definitely spend the cash you save on the colour on a good base coat to protect your nails. (I can’t find a shade name on the bottle and it’s not online, sorry. But it’s an orange-red.)

If you’re keen to have a look at the rest of the range, pop over to their site here.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Scarlet Hill products – I’m keen to know your opinion.