Rouge Radar December

This month I’m hoping to get enough time to get through this pile of magazines, as well as all these products.

December Radar

First up is the FiberStrong Bamboo range from Matrix Biolage Advanced. Bamboo is known for its strengthening properties, so I’m quite excited to try this range on my colour-processed hair!

Scent Secure Gold is the first tanning aid from Xen Tan that I’m going to be trying this month. I love Xen Tan, and think I’m going to feel the same way about this tinted moisturiser. It promised to deliver a gorgeous natural glow, but will also mask any self-tan odor! How clever is that? I’ll let you know if it really does get rid of that self-tan biscuit smell!

Comfort Zone is a wonderful skincare brand from Italy. Active Pureness is their latest range. It has been developed for oily or impure skin. The range comprises a Cleansing Gel, Tonic, Hydra Fluid, Clay Mask and Spot Corrector.

I used to use DermaFix years ago, so am keen to give the Brightening Exfoliant a go. It is a fine powder that you add a little water to before exfoliating your face with the paste. The powder is very fine, and the exfoliating action is mostly carried-out by organic enzymes and hydroxyl acids, so won’t damage your skin’s natural barrier.

Tripeptox is a new anti-aging brand in Clicks, and like Formula 10.05, I’m always a little weary of these brands. I have a few other products from the range, but thought that I’d start with the wipes, and see if they do what they say on the box.

I Love Coconut and Cream Glossy Lip Balm smells good enough to eat! I’m going to keep this on my desk to help lift my mood on those hot summer days when I have to be stuck at a computer screen.

I’ve wanted to introduce an oil to my skincare routine for a while now. After all, I have used oil on my hair for years – with amazing results. After chatting to a few other beauty ed’s, this one from Nuxe come the highest recommended. It contains 6 different plant oils, each with their own special benefit.

Ovelle is an antioxidant skin supplement from Lamelle, which promises to reduce both the effects and signs of aging. It does this by increasing the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet radiation by over 80% – sounds too good not to try over the summer holidays!

The second tanning aid from Xen Tan is called the Blending balm. This clever stick helps eliminate patch elbows, knees and ankles. All you have to do, they say, is apply it to problems areas after you apply your self -an. It can also be used to completely block self-tan from taking (not sure why you’d want to do this, but all you need to do it apply it before the self-tan). It comes in a big stick form for easy application.

Vichy’s Idéalia Life Serum promised a brand new, healthy skin in just 7 days! Them’s fighting words, Vichy – I’m going to take you up on that! The idea behind the serum is that we all do at least one thing that is detrimental to our skin. Be it bad diet, smoking, drinking, or sitting in the sun, this serum promises to counteract the effects of these lifestyle choices.

These MrP Nailed It Vanilla Nail Polish Remover Wipes are going to be kept in my handbag for ‘nail emergencies’. I hate chipped nail polish – so much so that I would rather take all my polish off than have one chipped nail. These will come in handy for these. But whether they work on deep red or black remains to be seen.

SoyLites Massage Body SoyBalm in Inspiration will probably end up being used as a moisturiser rather than a massage balm, but I just love the rose, geranium and jasmine scent, so am going to give it a go.

My feet take a while to get into summer mode and need a little help. This year it’s going to come in the form of this Oh-Lief Natural Olive Heel Balm. It says it ‘revives dry and cracked feet’. Let’s see if it does!

The last product in my December radar is Avon’s new Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation in Shell. The warmer weather means that I can give matte foundation a go without my skin looking like crepe paper. This one from Avon, I’m assured, will not dry-out my skin, but instead balance the moisture levels to create a flawless canvas. Okay, challenge accepted.

I’ll tell you all about the good, bad and down right incredible of these at the end of the month. November’s round-up will be live on Wednesday!

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