Hot make-up isn’t always good

Today’s summer is survival is by Andrew James, Lancôme’s National Make-up Artists. He’ll explain how to keep your make-up products intact.


How many of us are guilty of keeping make-up in the car, or in our handbags for year at a time? Yes, I know, me too. But we really shouldn’t, as heat is the number one enemy of make-up. And it doesn’t make sense to let it get ruined after we’ve spent so much money on it.

Heat can damage make-up beyond repair. He says, “it is important to bear in mind that once a make-up item has melted, the formulae has changed, and my never be the same again. “ Even it looks ok in the packaging chances are it’s ruined. Smell it, and if the smell has changed, chuck it. The car is one of the hottest places you can leave your make-up. The inside of your car can be a whopping 20% hotter than the outside temperature, so make sure no make-up, perfume or nail polish is left in your car.

Mascara tubes need to be tightly sealed, as bacteria love mascara. Replace your mascara every two to three months. And never, ever share your mascara with anybody. It’s a surefire way of breeding bacteria that can lead to eye infections.

Foundation reacts the most to heat and sun, so Andrew recommends keeping it in a cool, dark place. Also always remember to shake well before use. The same goes for pencils and lipstick, as they melt easily and ruin other products that have been stored near them.

A good product to have in your bag is a waterless hand sanitizer.  If you are going to be touching-up your make-up, make sure your hands are clean before you touch your face. A hand sanitizer is super-convenient and quick.

And finally, a few tips on nail polishes. Unless you have an air conditioned room, it is better to keep you polishes in the fridge, as this will keep them fresh for longer. Heat causes polish to thicken, and while you can add a few drops of polish remover to thin it out a bit, this is only a short term fix, as the formula will be weakened by the acetone.

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