Fruity body scrubs: I Love vs Justine

I Love Mango & Papaya Exfoliating Shower Smoothie, R59.95 VS Justine Elements of Nature Sandalwood & Orange Body Polish, R130.

Fruity body scrubs: I Love vs Justine

Firstly, they both smell incredible! The Justine one reminds me of Morocco – where there are rich scents of sandalwood everywhere, and an orange juice stand on almost every corner. The I Love one smells like a cocktail (no sure which one, but it’s fresh and fruity, but not overbearing.)

So seeing I don’t prefer one scent to the other, it comes down to how well they exfoliate. Again, they are pretty darn close, but I think that the I Love just pips the Justine one. The granules are slightly bigger, so exfoliate my skin more effectively. But having said that, if you have sensitive skin, I’d suggest the Justine one. Both left my skin well hydrated and soft.

They are honestly so close that I’m going to have to give the top marks to the I Love one purely based on price – after all, you can get two bottles of the I Love and a can of Coke for the price of one of the Justine one.

Advantage: I Love (by default).

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