Lamelle Cathepzyme 1

Lamelle Cathepzyme 1, R416.

Lamelle Cathepzyme 1

What they say: Throughout our life our skin follows a normal process of shedding and restoring skin cells on a daily basis. In our younger years this process is highly effective and results in our skin looking and feeling smooth, moist and youthful.  However as we age this process tends to slow down by 30 – 40% due to the reduction in an essential skin enzyme called Cathepsin D. The result is dry, dull, flaking skin and even fine lines.

Most traditional exfoliators have an impact on more than just the Stratum Corneum and are not specific enough to treat the underlying problem of aging.

Abrasive exfoliators can actually alter the barrier function of the skin. They can cause photosensitivity due to the altering of the barrier function of the skin.

Cathepzyme is a product scientifically developed and so advanced that it has the ability to restore Cathepsin D activity and the skins normal cell shedding process, of which youthful skin is a direct result.

What I say: Basically, get some. Now.

But to elaborate slightly, since Lamelle launched Cathepzyme, I haven’t used anything else to exfoliate my skin. I have obviously used other exfoliators once or twice in order to test and review them, but no other exfoliating product has even come close to knocking this off it’s number one spot.

I go crazy exfoliating my body (as I’ve explained here) and my skin copes just fine. But my face is another story all together. No hardcore Turkish bath scrubbing mitt here. If my face so much as sees an abrasive exfoliator is goes red, angry and blotchy, and then, to teach me a lesson, peels and flakes for weeks afterwards. So I have to tread very carefully.

Cathepzyme has been developed to be active within the Starum Corneum ONLY. It will not penetrate further than the top layer of skin – this means you simply can’t over do it, even if you tried.

Not only has my continued use of it vastly improved the texture of my skin, it has also diminished my pigmentation and helps my other products penetrate quicker and more effectively.

There is also a stronger strength version (Cathepzyme 2) for use on the body. This is particularly great for peeps with Keratosis Pilaris (those little red bumps on the tops of arms), which is often aggravated by traditional scrubs.