Everline Chill In Moisturising Mask

Everline Chill In Moisturising Mask, R195 for 250ml and R395 for 750ml

Everline Chill In Moisturising Mask

What they say: An intensive hair treatment that gives deep nutrition and smoothness. Thanks to emollients and active ingredients, the hair regains its natural strength and is protected from all weather conditions. It contains grapefruit extract, panthenol and karitè butter.

What we say: This mask had me sold at the grapefruit scent! But beside smelling sublime, it actually is one of the best hair masks I’ve ever tired.

It works absolute wonder on dry, damaged hair if you have time to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, but even if you can only leave it on for the duration of your shower, you will still see great results.

It leaves the hair feeling incredibly soft and silky. I also found that my hair was a lot more agreeable on the days that I used it!


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