Rimmel Nail Nurse Range

Rimmel Nail Nurse range, R69.95 each.

Rimmel Nail Nurse

This range was launched late last year, and I’ve been testing all 4 products over the last few months. Developed to help those of us with weak nails, Nail Nurse is a range of 4 products that promise to be ‘just what the doctor ordered.’ Here’s what I thought:

Rimmel Nail Nurse range

Nail Nurse Nail Rescue is a 14 day hardening treatment. You apply one coat on day one, then another on day two. Leave this until day 7, when you remove it and start again. I was so super impressed with this product. My nails are prone to splitting and peeling – this really did improve the condition of my nails in just two weeks. If you have damaged nails (naturally or from artificial nails) this is an amazing product to try!

Nail Nurse Nail Base & Top Coat 5-in-1, as well as the obvious base and top coat action, promised to fill ridges, add strength, harden and protect against breaks. I found it was great for the latter, but didn’t find it as good as the Perfectionail as a base coat.

Rimmel Nail Nurse range

Nail Nurse Perfectionail has two uses: as a whitener or as a base coat to hide ridges. I used it for both, and it delivered as promised on both fronts. As a base coat, it helped colour stick and apply evenly, and as a whitener it delivered a beautiful natural finish.

Nail Nurse Stronger Nail is another base coat, but this one is infused with calcium and keratin to protect and strengthen the nails. It also dries is seconds, so fantastic if you’re in a hurry.


  • Cate

    Hi What happens after the 14 days? Can I apply it from time to time to prevent nails from splitting and breaking? Thank you.

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Cate

    Yes, you can use it from time to time, but you’ll probably have to repeat the 14 day process, as one or two applications isn;t going to make too much of a difference.


  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Jacky

    The Nail Rescue has to be used alone, but obviously you can with the base and top coats, as they are designed to be worn with colour.

    Hope this helps,

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Amber

    No, the Nail Nurse Stronger Nail is a base coat. So you apply it under colour, just like you would with a normal base coat.
    Does this make sense?


  • Bon

    I have nearly finished my bottle of Nail Rescue Where can I buy another one as I can’t seem to find anywhere where that sells it now?