Lee Stafford Arganoil collection

My favourite ‘geezer’ of the hair world, Lee Stafford, has just launched a collection of hair argan oil infused products into Clicks.

Argan oil processing plant...for reals!

Now you all know how much I love argan oil – I’ve used it daily since the famous Morocco trip in 2006. This, despite the fact that I know how it’s processed – literally ‘through’ goats, if you must know. Although I doubt the mass-produced stuff is treated in the same way.


The pods look like this

Anyway, it is a bloody amazing ingredient that can be found in many a skincare and hair care product. The most famous being the one with the blue label (I won’t mention it here – comparative advertising is still illegal, and I like Lee). It is one of the best oils for your hair, as it absorbs so well. It leaves your hair nourished, soft and hydrated. I use it on my hair every day.


I love the packaging too!

Lee’s is called Arganoil from Morocco. The range comprises a Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Heat Defence Spray (Lee invented heat protection, just FYI), Nourishing Treatment Mask, and the fabulous Miracle Oil. Each product is R95, and worth every cent! There are also mini’s available.

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