Fibrology by Elvive

The newest area to be hit by the anti-aging bug? Your hair!

L’Oreal have spent a good part of 17 years developing and testing their latest range of hair care products.


Elvive Fibrology is a range that promises to thicken your hair by up to 60%. Read that again – I said 60%! The key to this wizardry is in a secret ingredient called ‘Filloxane’.

Filloxane is basically a bonding agent. It starts to work when it comes into contact with wet hair. It attaches to the hair and forms bonds with proteins and the hair shaft. As your hair dries, the Filloxane stays stuck within each hair fibre, gradually encouraging the existing filaments to link together to form a thicker, stronger network inside each hair strand. L’Oreal call this process ‘fibrology.’

Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner

As most of us suffer from hair thinning at some stage, this is just incredible news for women everywhere. Please do note, however, that the product will increase the thickness of each hair, but cannot increase the number of hairs on your head. And while the results are amazing, they will only last up to 10 washes if you don’t continue to use the products.

Fibrologgy Serum and Masque

Speaking of the products, there are 4 of them:

Shampoo 250ml, R42.95 and 400ml, R62.95

Conditioner 250ml, R42.95 and 400ml, R62.95

Masque 300ml, R74.95

Double Pump Serum, R74.95