Sunblock in your pocket

Hands up who carries sunblock on them everyday?

Ok, so I do, but I’m a beauty ed, who knows better. But I know most girls can’t actually be arsed to carry around, frankly MASSIVE bottles of sunblock, just on the off chance you need it, right?

Nivea Pocket Size

Well, now you have no excuse, because those clever bots at Nivea Sun have launched pocket handbag-sized versions! Yay for them!

There is a SPF30 for grown-ups and SPF50 for kids. Both formulas are water resistant and comply with both CANSA and COLIPA (the European Cosmetics Association) regulations for SPF, UVA and UVB protection.

They are available at leading retailers for R39.99 for the SPF30 and R49.99 for the SPF50 Kids. Now I’ll have even less sympathy for those of you who burn…