Type A personalities, meet 27Pinkx

Looking for storage for your make-up, products, brushes and hair accessories? 27Pinkx has it all!

27Pinkx is a new site that offers South African women the best selection of make-up storage that I’ve seen!


The do also offer make-up brushes, fragrance, hair extensions and accessories, skincare and some incredible make-up, but their storage is the draw card for me! Just have a look at these:


Lipstick Stand, R390

Lipstick Stand

Perspex lipstick (or pigment) holder that can hold 24 lipsticks.


Brush Holder, R380

Perspex Brush Holder

Perspex brush stand that can hold up to 16 brushes


Brush Holder, R300

Brush Holder

Synthetic brush holder that keeps all you brushes safe – great for travelling.


Luxury Organiser, R1800


H:375mm W:300mm D:300mm  Perspex organiser with 5 drawers, The top of which opens upwards.


Mini Organiser, R1200


H:210mm W:300mm D:300mm Perspex organiser with 3 drawers, the top of which opens upwards.


The Petite Organiser, R1380


H:300mm W:200mm D:300mm Perspex organiser with 2 drawers and slots on the top tier.


The Stackable Organiser, R350 per drawer


Build your own organiser with these H:50mm W:225mm L:200mm drawers. They are sold separately, but each one has a little grip that allows them to be easily stacked.

Get you hands on them here.

One Comment

  • Chereen

    OBSESSED with their storage cases… need to get my hands on the lipstick holder & a few stackable drawers, methinks… Also keen to try their brushes 🙂