L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renew

L’Oreal re-thought anti-ageing, and came up with this…


Age Perfect Cell Renew is a new range of products developed to help the skin regain its cellular vitality. As we age, the processes in our bodies slow down, and this is generally what causes us to age.

But, through 20 years of research, L’Oreal has discovered a way to stimulate intense cellular regeneration.

Aimed at women over 50, Age Perfect Cell Renew helps to protect the precious ‘mother cells’ from oxidative stress and damage. It does this by utilizing a potent antioxidant called Natecium®DHC.

The range comprises 3 products:

Restoring Day Cream, R224.95
Regenerative Night Cream, R224.95
Golden Serum, R224.95.
Golden Serum, R224.95.

This range is complimented by a new addition to the Age Perfect stable, Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil, R224.95. This ultra-fine, fast absorbing oil contains 8 powerful essential oils to give you your most radiant complexion. Lavender for antioxidant protection, marjoram and rosemary for anti-bacterial protection, geranium to sooth, rose to tone, Roman chamomile to calm, orange peel to protect collagen ad Lavindin to promote collagen and elastin production.

Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil, R224.95
Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil, R224.95