How to apply self tan to your face and neck

Scared of applying self tan to your face and neck?

Don’t worry; I never used to be too keen either. But as long as you remember these few rules, you can get your face as bronzed as your body.


The biggest problems with applying it to your face is the risk of break-outs and tide marks – not a great look!…

  1. Start by using an enzymatic exfoliator to gently remove dead skin you’re your face and neck. If you do this the day before, you will get a more even result, as any oils contained in the exfoliator will have had time to either absorb, or wear off.
  2. Wash your face well with your regular face wash before your start. It’s also a good idea to run body cream or Vaseline along your hairline and over your eyebrows and lashes to protect them from tidemarks. This is especially important to blondes, as the tan can stain your hair.
  3. Make sure you get the best result by applying your tan in good, natural light.
  4. Apply the tan with your fingertips in gentle, circular motions and blend, blend, blend. Start at your forehead and work down your face and neck, onto your shoulders – blending the tan with the one on your body.
  5. Remember it’s far easier to add colour than it is to remove, so opt for a few layers of a lighter colour tan than applying one layer of one that may be too dark for you.
  6. Wash your hands immediately after you’ve finished applying your tan – orange palms are never a good look.
  7. Allow you tan to develop before adding more self tan. It’s also a good idea to try your make-up with your new tan before making it any deeper – check that it still looks natural.