Dr Miracles adds to their range

There are some exciting things happening on the ethnic hair front.

First up, I thought it was about time for a Dr Miracles catch-up. Dr Miracles turns 10 this year, and there are no signs of the brand slowing down.

DM Cleanse

DM Style

There are now 30 different products over 6 ranges. The ranges are divided into treatment categories. They are: Scalp Care, Strengthen & Repair, Cleanse & Condition, Styling, Relaxing and Curl Care. So regardless of your hair worry or need, there is a product for you. The prices are also fantastic. Prices range from R16.99 to R109.95.

DM Follicle

The latest addition to the brand is the Follicle Healer range that comprises 3 products to treat and condition your scalp and roots. There is a Healer Crème,54.99; Deep Conditioning Sachet, R16.99 and Hydrating Oil, 54.99.

The other piece of exciting news I have for you is the launch of Gentle Treatment into Clicks stores.

DM Gentle Treatment

Gentle Treatment is one of the biggest ethnic hair brands in the US. While Dr Miracles has products for both natural and relaxed hair, Gentle Treatment focuses on relaxed hair. There are 5 products currently available. The Relaxer Kit comes in Regular and Super Strength, R69.99 each; Crème Treatment to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair, R44.99; Protection Spray to protect the hair from heat tool damage, R59.99 and Oil Sheen Spray to keep frizz at bay and add shine, R39.99.