Clarins new Super Restoratives

Clarins releases a super-duo for mature skin.


The new Super Restorative Day and Night Creams have been developed for women aged 50+.

As the skin ages, it is affected by hormonal changes and, as skin processes slow, it results in a loss of density. This loss of density, which is caused by the reduced output of the fibroblasts, is responsible for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and skin slackening.

Clarins have harnessed the potent powers of two incredible plants.


Harungana is a plant from Madagascar known for its ability to regenerate forest ecosystems and as a healing medicinal plant.  It helps restore the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Montpellier Rock Rose

The second is the Montpellier Rock Rose from France. This amazing flower can catch fire under the effect of heat from the harsh French sun. The incredible this is that the plant can regenerate itself after a fire as its fruit is protected in fireproof capsules. These properties, applied to the skin can help with the prevention and control of age spots.

The skin is further nourished thanks to the addition of these ingredients:


And, of course, no Clarins cream is complete without a gorgeous, natural scent. This collection has rose as it’s base scent.


The Clarins Super Restorative Day and Night Creams will be available at all Clarins counters from Monday 1 September for R1220 and R1270 respectively.

Day and Night