Chanel Mystery Bottle Event

“CHANEL is a style. Fashion goes out of fashion. Style never does.” ~ Gabrielle Chanel 


Gabrielle Chanel expressed her ideal of achieving the purest lines whenever she could. She created a style, a composition that stood out among all others, and whose modernity women instantly recognised, as they still do today.

The contours of the iconic CHANEL fragrance bottle reveal this desire for precision and absolute perfection. Lines were always the common thread of her vocabulary: the clean-cut line of the profile freed from superfluousness, Mademoiselle Chanel practised the principle of “less is more”. This is what Mademoiselle Chanel remembered when envisaging the creation of this bottle created in 1921 for N°5.

Place Vendôme in Paris
Place Vendôme in Paris

Inspired by the shape of Place Vendôme in Paris, it is topped with a cabochon cut like a diamond. It is said that Mademoiselle Chanel perhaps also borrowed the austere shape of a metal travel flask from male toiletry bags to design the glass bottle for her first perfume. The paradox of a masculine-shaped container whose glass walls reveal the sensual and feminine gold of the perfume.

Right from the start, for her first fragrance Gabrielle Chanel wanted a “women’s fragrance that smells like a woman.” Thus N°5 was a radically different fragrance. Her fragrance was her signature, her perfume followed her everywhere, announcing her arrival. The staircase in rue Cambon would be sprayed ahead of her arrival, and this fragrance would become synonymous with elegance.


This December discover for the first time in the iconic bottle a luminous expression of this concept of timeless femininity. Its floral bouquet provides immediate appeal with the voluptuousness of Ylang-Ylang, the delicate harmony of Jasmine and May Rose Absolute, enhanced by the creamy touch of Vanilla and musk notes.

In celebration of this fresh olfactory expression of N°5, CHANEL puts this iconic emblem on centre stage. Staying true to the House’s eternal spirit of dynamism and modernity, from 2nd – 16th December 2014 CHANEL breaks the rules with a visionary and sensory expression of fragrance at Edgars, Sandton City in Johannesburg.

CHANEL pays tribute to the legendary bottle and invites you to discover a unique and artistic installation while surrounding yourself with finely scented air. Now it is your chance to explore the story behind this perfume with specialised experts.

 Chanel No 5


Discover The Mystery Bottle at:

The centre court in front of the CHANEL counter

Edgars Sandton City, Johannesburg

From 2 – 16 December 2014 betweem 9am and 6pm

To book an appointment call 011 026 3050