It Factor Simply Extra Blowout Sensation

It Factor Simply Extra Blowout Sensation, R235 (from Carlton Hair Salons)

IT Factor

What they say: Your new go-to blowout product. Get easier, quicker and longer lasting blowouts with this innovative product designed for an effortless blow-drying experience from start to finish. Designed to make the hair smoother and tamer, plus, with added slip you use just one product to take you from initial drying to styling to walking out the door. Hair is more manageable after initial drying (called rough drying) so it is easier and quicker to style with a brush or hot tool. Gives you beautiful hair in less time!


What I say: Phenomenal! I love this product! I’m not gifted in the blow-drying department; in fact, I am possibly one of the worst people at blow-drying my own hair in the industry. I end up with frizzier hair than I started with, that seems to stand out at rather an unnatural angle.

But this clever lotion makes it possible for even me to create a smooth (ish) glossy blow dry in much less time than before.

The formula adds shine, prevents frizz and somehow speeds up drying time. I love this because this means there is less heat damage to my hair. Oh, and it has a build-in heat protection formula, too!

Not only did I manage to create a half decent blow dry, it lasted over two days as well. A jaunt down the gallop track put an end to my glossy, smooth locks.

This is a brilliant product for any of you who wanting a salon-like finish at home. Trust me, if I can use it and get results, so can you.


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