New ghd Curve Collection

As I’m sure most of you know, ghd has launched a very exciting collection called Curve.

ghd Curve Collection

Curve is a collection of 4 curling tool (2 wands and 2 tongs):

ghd Soft Curl Tong
Soft Curl Tong

The Soft Curl Tong is a 32mm large barrel that creates volume and soft waves on longer hair.

Classic Curl Tong
Classic Curl Tong

The Curve Classic Curl Tong is 26mm medium barrel that creates consistent curls for classic style and volume, even on shorter hair.

Classic Wave Wand
Classic Wave Wand

The Curve Classic Wave Wand is an oval shaped wand that creates deep waves on longer hair.

Creative Curl Wand
Creative Curl Wand

The Curve Creative Curl Wand is a tapered wand that creates tousled and beach hair texture on all hair lengths.

All of the tools contain ghd’s ‘tri-zone’ technology, which simply means that there is even heat throughout the wand – no hot or cold spots. They are also set at a constant 185°C. Also, if you’re like me, and prone to burning your self, you’ll be glad to know that all 4 of the wands have a finger safe place on their ends, allowing for pain-free styling.

The one I opted for is the Curve Creative Curl Wand, as messier, beach waves are my curls of choice. As the regular reader amongst you will know, I’m not too interested in doing my hair. Until Tangle Teezers launched here in SA, the only time my hair was brushed was when I went to the salon. So getting me to use a styler of any kind is an achievement. Getting me to enjoy styling my hair even more so…

My Curve Creative is so easy to use, I find myself styling my hair once a week these days!! Mainly because of the nifty trick their stylist taught us at the launch: instead of faffing around sectioning your hair (aint nobody got time for that!), simply start curling from the top of your head, then pin each curl to cool as you finish. By doing this, the hair is out of the way, giving your room to curl the layers underneath.

When I first did it, it took me 40 minutes to do my whole head, but that was more my inability to handle the wand in a useful manner than it was the process of curling and pinning. I’ve got it down to 20 minutes flat now, once I get to the bottom of my head, I start unclipping from the top. I always use the ghd Curl Hold Spray, R195 (read my full review of the spray here) as it contains heat protection and helps the curls last ages – I’m talking two days in my hair.

ghd Curve Collection Styles

So the Curve Creative works best the look I want to get, but pop over to the ghd site to see the how to videos for looks you can achieve with the other tongs and wand.

The wands are R1900 each and you’ll find them at selected salons and online stores, or on their site here.

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