Vichy Beauty Deo 48hr Anti-Perspirant

Vichy Beauty Deo 48hr Anti-Perspirant, R169

Vichy Beauty Deo 48hr Anti-Perspirant

What they say: Our 1st beautifying 48h antiperspirant treatment that associates LHA and embellishing pearls to space out shaving sessions and refine skin texture. Optimal 48h Anti-Perspirant Efficacy tested in extreme perspiration conditions.


LHA ER 195: refines skin texture and proved its efficacy in growing hair retraction.

Reflective pearls: For an instant embellishment of your armpits’ skin.

Aluminum Chlorohydrate and patented Perlite: the best antiperspirant and anti-sweatiness ingredients for a 48h protection even for the most sensitive skin.

What I say: I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of roll-on deos. But this one had such a strange claim (reduces the regularity of shaving!?) that I had to give it a try.

The scent is nice enough, but lingers a little too long and a little too strongly for my liking. I hate it when my deo overpowers my perfume – this one does. I understand it’s there to mask other smells, but over powering Alien is just ridiculous.

Scent aside, it’s a really good anti-perspirant. It lasts all day, dries quickly for a roll-on and doesn’t stain clothes.

Now for the bizarre claim that it increases the time between shaves… Um, I’m not convinced about this. I think they’re relying on the reflective pearls to mask the hair growth, and maybe the refined texture of the skin gives the appearance of less hair, but there is still hair. Don’t get me wrong, my armpits do feel softer and smoother, but less noticeable hair is still hair in my books.