Pantene Blogger Open Trial (Week 1)

Some of you might have seen on Instagram that I’m trialing Pantene’s new #shinestrong formula this month.

A few of us in the beauty blogosphere have partnered with the brand to test their new formula. The idea behind the reformulation is that everybody can and should have healthy, strong and shiny hair. So what they’ve done is developed technology that actually blocks damage. Clever, huh?


They’ve sent me the Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner to try. My first impressions are good. I like the sleek packaging, and the fact that the conditioner opens at the opposite end to the shampoo is always a good idea. I do wish, however, that shampoos would come in slightly larger bottles. You can get either 200ml or 400ml bottles, but twice as much is too much. 250ml or 300ml shampoos paired with 200ml conditioners would be better. But that ‘s not a complaint about Pantene, just the hair industry in general.

The scent is great – very similar to the good ol’ Pantene smell we’re used to, but just a bit fresher, which I actually prefer.

I’ve washed and conditioned my hair twice so far, and I’m pretty happy with the results. My hair is soft and silky. Not so big on the shine part yet, but hopefully that will come.

I’ll keep you updated with weekly updates here on the site. If you’re keen to see what the other beauties think of it, follow #shinestrong on social media.

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