Noreva lands in SA

Another fabulous French skincare brand has launched into Clicks.


Developed by dermatologists and well-recognized for having been a pioneer laboratory in the field of dermatology for over 20 years; Noreva fulfills the expectations of doctors, dermatologists and pharmacists, by making available a wide range of highly-efficient treatments that are in line with dermo cosmetics innovations, and which are suitable to all types of skin.

All products are subject to efficacy testing under the dermatologic control of certified and independent 
external organizations; each test is subject to strict protocols and original testing methods.
All products are subject to ocular and skin tolerance tests, to guarantee their use high tolerance.

Noreva’s products are developed at ISO certified plants and meet all medical and 
pharmaceutical requirements. In order to ensure maximum safety, strict controls are also performed on raw 
materials and at every step of the manufacturing process.

Noreva products benefit from a high-quality fundamental research, using innovative active ingredients, 
which are carefully selected to provide optimal efficacy in complete safety, and strictly taking into 
account any and all recommendations issued by the health authorities.

There are ranges for all skin types and concerns, as well as a dermatological range that is only available through doctors and dermatologists. The ones you can get at Clicks are:


ACTIPUR is a high-tolerance anti-blemish range with no AHA, especially formulated for inflammatory acne. The range focuses on the efficient treatment of pimples, acne and acne-prone skin.


EXFOLIAC is a tri-active acne line developed to fight against recurrence of acne. Designed for reactive/sensitive oily skins prone to blemishes,


NOVEANE 3D is a range with concentrated actives that reactive cell formation, combats all factors leading to skin aging.


AQUAREVA is a super-hydrating range that stimulates the 4 pathways of the skin’s hydration equilibrium with water pearls from glaciers.


XERODIANE is a triple action range developed for adults, children and babies. The products repair, relieve and soothe very dry and atopic skin.


IKLEN is a range that targets pigmentation disorders and photoageing, helping to reveal your skin’s full potential.


NORESUN is a range that contains Melan-Ox 24, a complex combination of antioxidants and peptides to regenerate UV filters, offering longer, more effective sun protection.

Trio White

TRIO WHITE is a new-generation, high-tolerance melano-neutralising treatment range. It controls over-production of melanin (the pigment naturally present in the skin, responsible for brown spots when produced in excessive amounts). It works on all kinds of marks and all skin types.


UNIVERSAL SKIN CARE is a range of essential, multi-purpose cleansing and treatment products for all ages and skin types.

The brand is already in Clicks stores and prices range from R129.95 to R799.95.                  



    Good Day
    I am interested in purchasing the Actipur Range of products. Please advice
    which Clicks Store I am able to buy these products. I have already tried a few in the
    South THE GLEN, ALBERTON CITY, but they do not stock this Thank You Priscilla

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Priscilla

    Please call the Cosmetiques de France Head Office on 011 801 9153. They’ll be able to help you.