Australian Gold Instant Bronze Self Tanning Lotion

Australian Gold Instant Bronze Self Tanning Lotion, R185

Australian Instant Bronze Gold Self Tanning Lotion

What they say: Creates an instant golden glow while rich bronzers develop a radiant, natural-looking shade of bronzed perfection within 2-4 hours. Even though the scent is light and refreshing, it contains the advanced Elimiscent technology that prevents the telltale odour self-tan. It also contains chamomile and vitamin E to soften and soothe skin.

What I say: I found this brand at an independent pharmacy in Noordhoek, and after an extensive web search, I can’t find the South Africa distributors details anywhere. (If you happen to know who it is, please put me in touch). So if you are keen to give it a go, try the bigger independent pharmacies.

The packaging is what initially drew me to the product (yes, that old chestnut), and after reading the packaging and reading a few reviews online, I decided to buy it. (I also bought the Spray Gel Sunscreen with instant bronzer, which is part of my December radar, so keep an eye out for the round up in early January to see what I thought of it).

The cream is tinted, so it makes for easy application – the tint means you can see where you have and haven’t applied it. It does still have a self tan scent, but it is much fainter than most.

The colour developed in just under 3 hours, and there was no orange in sight. Once the colour has developed, the smell almost disappeared.

The colour lasted a good week, and faded incredibly evenly; no blotches or streaks. It’s one of the better self tans I’ve tried.