essence Liquid Ink Eyeliners

essence Liquid Ink High Shine Eyeliner and essence Liquid Ink Matt Eyeliner, R46.95 each.


What they say: B(l)ack to basics! The liquid ink high shine eyeliner creates a gorgeous line with a high-shine finish.


In a nutshell: the liquid ink matt eyeliner creates a gorgeous line with a cool matt effect.


What I say: I got these two liners a little while ago, and have been experimenting with them ever since. The matt one best suits thin lines, while the high shine version lends itself to big, bold sweeps.

Both formulas go on well – easy to apply and good colour coverage. Neither of them are waterproof, but both last all day (even in summer heat).

I normally prefer felt tipped liners, but the brushes on these are so super fine, they make application a breeze.