John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum, R99.

John Frieda

What they say: A frizz eliminator seals the hair cuticle to smooth medium to coarse hair and repair damage. An exceptional blend of silicones instantly eliminates frizz and transforms dry, brittle hair into soft, smooth strands. It also contains a thermal protectant.

What I say: My hair always goes a bit haywire at the change of seasons, and this year has been particularly bad.

I have read pretty good reviews about this serum, so thought I’d give it a go. You apply it to soaking wet hair and basically leave it. You can either blow dry your hair or, as I do, let it air dry.

Even though I’d consider my hair fine (not medium to coarse’) and that I have an aversion to silicone, I’m seriously impressed with this formula. It controls frizz like nobody’s business and leaves my hair silky smooth. My curls are well defined and stay so all day long.

If you are struggling with frizz, I highly recommend giving this a try. This combined with the Hask range I told you about yesterday, I’ve found a winning frizz fighting arsenal!


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