The Tan Lab Innovative Self Tan for Fair Skin

The Tan Lab Innovative Self Tan for Fair Skin, R240

The Tan Lab Self Tan Fair

What they say: With its subtle exotic fragrance and endless moisture, this tanning lotion is easy to apply and glides over the skin effortlessly. With micro-algae extracts, rich in anti-oxidants your skin is protected from free radicals. It’s subtle exfoliating properties leave your smooth and nourished. A translucent hint of natural brown will ensure ease of application every time, without staining the hands and skin!

What I say: Okay, so I kind of knew that I was going to love this once I’d read Leigh’s review on it here (she went for the dark shade, even though she’s paler than me – she’s badass like that.) But I almost wasn’t prepared for just how much I love it.

For once, someone has launched a self-tan that does exactly what it says on the box. Yes, it has a subtle scent (it goes the tiniest bit burnt toasty, but this doesn’t linger. And show me a good self tan that doesn’t). Yes, it leaves your skin smooth and nourished. And yes, it really does deliver a translucent hint of natural-looking colour. Now why was that so hard, other brands?

I’ve been applying it just twice a week for 5 weeks and I look like I’ve been sunning myself in Zanzibar. Sadly I haven’t, but at least this makes me look like I have. I’ve been combining this with their just as brilliant Hydrating Lotion, R120, designed to keep your tan looking bronzer for longer.

The Tan Lab

Two fine thumbs up for this one, Tan Lab team. Just brilliant! Oh, and did I mention the brand’s local? From Durbs, noggal!

The Self Tan is also available in Medium and Dark for those of you with darker skins (and Leigh).


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