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Chanel Blue Serum

Every few years news of someone dying who was well into their 100s hits the world headlines.

As astonishing as this is, what’s even more so is the fact that scientist have pin pointed a few spots in the world that are the most likely to have members of the population who are octogenarians and centenarians.

World Map: Shutterstock
World Map: Shutterstock

These areas have been dubbed ‘blue zones’. Seven blue zones have been identified so far, where there are high numbers of people living long, and more importantly, healthy lives. But what makes them so different from the rest of the world? Well, researchers have found that they all share similar lifestyle characteristics:

  1. Strong life purpose
  2. Moderate calorie intake
  3. Low stress levels
  4. Plant-based diet
  5. Moderate alcohol intake
  6. Full family life
  7. Strong social bonds
  8. Engagement in spirituality or religion
  9. Regular exercise routine

The zones differ in their degrees of these characteristics, but they are all present in every day life.

Green Coffee



Inspired by this, Chanel set out to create a serum to capture and encourage the spirit of the blue zones. They were looking specifically for natural ingredients that were capable of targeting multiple longevity areas. In their research they found that three of the zones accredited their longevity to foods that they regularly consumed; namely green coffee from the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, olives from Sardinia and lentisk gum from Karia in Greece.

Chanel Blue Serum

Green coffee was chosen because of its potent levels of antioxidants, cafestol and kahweol; Sardinian olives also for their antioxidants, but also their high content of essential fatty acids and omegas; and finally lentisk was selected for its regenerating oleanolic acid levels.

Combined in a serum, these three actives work together to improve cellular longevity by supplying energy, increasing cell communication, clever nutrition adaptation and reducing cell stress.

Blue Serum

The idea is that the serum is a health boost for the skin; as a healthy skin won’t age as quickly as an unhealthy one, it is more concerned with preventative measures rather than repairing ones. The result is a more youthful, firmed complexion; your skin, but better…

The serum is compatible with any other skincare routine, and should be used as your first step, both morning and evening. Chanel Blue Serum is available at all Chanel counters now for R1710 for 30ml.