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Moroccanoil Thickening Lotion

Moroccanoil Thickening Lotion (R410)

What they say: Fast-track to instant fullness! Moroccanoil Thickening Lotion strengthens hair with quinoa proteins and thickens each individual strand for instant expansion and long-lasting body. This unique hair lotion is formulated with a blend of vitamins and argan oil that moisturizes for touchable, shiny hair without stickiness.

What I say: As I mentioned in this post, I am only writing about truly remarkable products from now on, and this one is no exception. Many of you will know that I’ve used Moroccanoil Treatment Light for years, and I can count on one hand the days I haven’t used it on my hair. So obviously I’m keen to try anything they launch.

I used to have super-thick hair, which needed more than one hair band to contain (the days before invisibobbles), but after puberty I was still left with a lot of hair, but it was fine and a bit frizzy. After having a baby, my ponytail looks like the tail of a rescue horse we once had on the farm. Her tail was thin because she was malnourished, and it thickened out as soon as she started eating well. It sadly doesn’t work that way for humans. I have diligently taken ALL the hair skin and nail vitamins I can stomach, with minimal success on the follicle front. David (my hairdresser) says it’s just a waiting game, and my volume will come back. But I’m impatient at the best of times, so when this landed on my desk, I tried it that evening.

Always wanted Blair Waldorf hair without having to go to a salon and fork out good cash money for it? Yep, me too. This gives you rich-girl hair without the price tag. And trust me; I am the most useless person at blow drying my hair in the history of the world. Ever.

The formula is heat-activated, so no wash and go, sadly, but it is unlike other volumisers, as it boosts the dimension of the actual hair shaft, rather than just lifting the root area, so worth the extra 15 minutes primping.

I’ll be honest, the science is a little beyond me, but it does contain proteins to plump and strengthen each hair strand, giving you a head of hair like a show pony. I’ve been using it for just under a month now, and I do think that my hair is getting thicker. Now, I’m not sure if that’s my volume returning naturally or if the product is really thickening my hair. I don’t actually care really, but good for you to keep in mind. There also isn’t any build up that I can feel and my scalp hasn’t been irritated by it either, which it normally does do with root volumisers.

If you want a swishy ponytail without having to leave the house (who doesn’t, right?), I suggest you get your hands on a bottle of this.