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SVR Clairial and Liftiane

A few months ago, I was sent some SVR products to trial and as they are anti-aging and pigmentation fighting formulas, I wanted to give them a real three-month test. My full reviews are below.

If you haven’t heard of SVR, it is a French pharmacy brand with 55 years of family history. Founded in 1962 by husband and wife pharmacists, the brand remains in the family today with their grandson at the helm. Prescribed by dermatologists in 45 countries, the brand holds some serious skincare clout. The range comprises 11 ranges (available in SA) to target every possible skincare complaint.

I’ve been struggling with some post-pregnancy pigmentation, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. To target both issues, they sent me four products from two ranges.

Their dark-spot fighting range is called Clairial, and I was sent 2 of the 4 products: The Complete Corrector Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Serum (R655) is a daily serum that contains a patented depigmenting formula and Vitamin C to target stubborn dark spots, as well as hyaluronic acid to combat any dryness.

7 September
10 November
7 September
10 November

My favourite product is the Clairial Anti-Brown Spot Radiance Depigmenting Accelerator Peel (R625). It is possibly the best pigmentation treatment I’ve ever used. Besides the depigmenting complex, the main active is citric acid, which gently exfoliates the skin. You can only apply it every second night, as you don’t want to overwhelm the skin. I noticed a marked improvement in 14 days, and the results have kept improving. Obviously fighting pigmentation is a long process, so as you get rid of surface spots, the ones underneath come to the surface. But this has consistently lightened any dark marks (see before and after above).

I was thankfully just as impressed with Liftiane, their anti-aging range. I was sent the Liftiane Anti-Wrinkle and Firmness Fill-In Care Crème (R510) and Liftiane Eye and Lip Contour (R415) to tackle my eye area. Both of the formulas contain high levels of resveratrol (a potent anti-oxidant) to protect the skin from further aging, and two different molecular weight hyaluronic acids to plump and fill any fine lines. Both delivered noticeable results in a matter of weeks, and after two months of daily use, my complexion is far plumper and my skin texture more even and glowy.

I realise that these are not exactly drug store prices, BUT they deliver the same results as many ‘salon only’ brands, making SVR a perfect option for those of you who want to venture into the world of serious skincare.

You can find the brand at Clicks and at select beauty salons and dermatologists.  If you’d like to find your nearest stockist, email


  • Glinnis

    im 37 years of age going through estrogen hormones changes i broke out with terrible hormones acne .(i screamed…; never ever in my life had such terrible pimples.
    Ive tried everything ?nothing worked!!
    I decided to go to clicks looking at every facial item and deciding what to take (mad,)
    I saw a sale item with all SVR Clairal facial treatment marked down 50%
    ‘Shocked…ive never tried this product this is new to me looking at the current price to what it marked for i was amazed ?
    I told myself this must be excellent stuff it going to work ..
    The CLairal serum amaze me after 2weeks i saw a big difference #Amazing
    Thank you

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Glinnis

    That’s amazing, I’m so glad it worked!
    Thanks you for letting me know!

    I’ve had a similar problem, and have found an amazing supplement from Lamelle that also worked wonders. That review will be up in the next weeks – I’ll send you the link.