All new Indola

Indola has recently undergone an upgrade to fresh, new packaging and results driven formulas.

If you haven’t heard of the brand, it’s part of the Henkel group, so you can think of it as baby Schwarzkopf. The new packaging features easy to follow hash tags, that are as easy as 1,2, 3. 1#1 is the wash range, #2 for care and #3 for style.

#1 includes colour protection, hydration, repair, cleansing, silver protection and root activating shampoos.

#2 is the condition section and is made up of Color Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment; Repair Conditioner, Keratin Filler, Spilt-End Serum and Capsules; Hydrate Spray Conditioner and BB Cream; Smooth Mask and Root Activating Lotion.

#3 is divided into Setting: Strong Mousse, Blow Dry Spray, Thermal Protector Spray and Curl Cream. Texture: Moulding Gel, Rough Up Wax, Soft Clay, Wax, Volumising powder and Style Reviver. And Finish: Flexible Hair Spray, Strong Lacquer, Gel Spray and Smooth Serum.

I’ve been trying five of the new products for a few weeks, now, and I love them. As my hair is currently violet (read how and why here), I’m trying the Color range. The range was designed to protect colour, promising ‘up to 90% colour retention after 30 washes’. The Color Shampoo (R192) done a fairly good job on the colour-locking front, and I’m happy with the rest of the results, too. It’s been ages since I used a sulphate shampoo, as my scalp generally gets itchy and irritated by it, but it’s been great on this range. The Color Conditioner (R192) is rich and hydrating without leaving my fine hair limp and lifeless.

The Color Leave-In Treatment (R230) can be used as a mask or you can leave it in. As much as I love the formula, my hair definitely prefers it as a wash out mask. No matter how little I use as a leave in treatment, my hair needs to be washed much sooner than it normally would. But when I use it as a mask, my hair is soft, shiny and super manageable.

I’m sure most of you will know that I’m not one for styling my hair. I’m not good at it, and I really don’t enjoy it. But for the sake of this review, I have used Setting Thermal Protector Spray (R295) and 10 or 12 times, and it’s great. I normally use the ghd heat protector, but this is just as good. It doesn’t leave the hair sticky or crispy (the usual problems with others I’ve tried) and leaves the hair glossy and smooth. The spray nozzle is effective, too. (I get beyond irritated with a nozzle shoots a single, strong squirt instead of a fine spray). The Finish Flexible Hair Spray (R295) is great, too. It is a medium hold, but stays in place all day. It leaves the hair soft and touchable – no crunchiness at all!

Prices range from R192 to R660 for the Repair Capsules. You can find the range online at Retailbox and at selected salons.