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The new face of anti-ageing with optiphi and DNAlysis Biotechnology

Ageing is a certainty. Yes, we can slow it to some extent, but it happens to everyone.

What if I told you that you can now determine which areas of ageing will most likely affect you later in life? Would you act on them? Of course you would, and you can, thanks to a groundbreaking new service from optiphi in partnership with DNAlysis Biotechnology.

Our DNA holds so many secrets to our life path, and that includes our most likely ageing pattern. By analyzing certain gene sequences, it is possible to ascertain how your body produces collagen, protects itself from UV exposure, how it handles inflammation and how it copes with oxidative stress. The results of these tests can give us the information we need to help us assemble a preventative skincare routine and lifestyle.

The test is painless, and simply requires you rub a swap along the inside of your cheek. Your DNA is then sent to the DNAlysis Biotechnology laboratory where it is copied over and over until they have enough genetic material to analyse. (Don’t worry; your DNA is destroyed after they are done with it.)

Results take a few weeks to come back, and you are sent a full report of the DNA analysis, as well as a customized recommended skincare routine from optiphi. I’m going to share my results with you so that you can see what I’m talking about.

Here is the summary of the areas they test. I thankfully have no high-risk areas (for now), but do have 4 areas where I could be putting in some work.


Each area is then broken down and explained in detail. You can see which markers they tested and what each means.

These areas are then supported in another document with product recommendations from optiphi. They include both basic skincare as well as must have products for each problem area.

Piqued your interest? Well, there are also Health and Diet analysis options, too. You can get yours done through a participating optiphi Skin Centre. Prices range from R2500 – R4300, depending on which tests are chosen.

Email for more info or to find your nearest stockist.