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Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask

Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask (R455)

What they say: Serra Lipid Recovery Mask combines lipid bi layer replacement ingredients with essential fatty oils, as well as ingredients focused on treating and repairing dry skin with long-term hydration effects. This creamy mask contains ingredients that are focussed on hydration and moisturising. It can be used as an active treatment for extremely dry, damaged and reactive skin, but it’s also an excellent add on to boost skin that’s just slightly dryer than normal. The added advantage of using this mask is that one of the ingredients will permanently bind to dry skin and in so doing, attract water to hydrate the skin for longer periods of time. Purslane is a plant-based extract that is known for its excellent calming features has also been added to this mask.

What I say: There’s no denying that winter is here, and my skin is definitely not happy. It’s doing that delightful thing of breaking out while being super dehydrated. Yay!

This means I need to zap the spots without further drying out the skin, which is quite tricky, but this mask has been the perfect solution. I’ve been applying a charcoal mask to the problem areas (I love the Dermalogica and Avon ones), rinsing off, and then applying this to my whole face to replenish the problem areas and to boost the rest of my face.

The texture is beyond dreamy. It feels like a comforting, hydrating pillow for your skin. You leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing off. But if you have super dehydrated or atopic skin, you can apply a thin layer and use it as an overnight mask. I’ve done this a few times, and my word, it’s incredible. You wake up with a facial-fresh, plump complexion.

It has some longevity too, as I’ve noticed my skin is far less dry for a few days after using it. They recommend using it 2 or 3 times a week, so I guess this will keep boosting that hydration with prolonged use.

This is, without a doubt , an absolute must have for the cooler months, especially if you live in a dry, cold area.

Get your hands on a tube from SkinMiles or Dermastore.