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optiphi Body Foliant

optiphi Body Foliant (R782)

What they say: Our enhanced Body Curve Body Foliant is an overnight body peel, designed to refine your skin texture and tone while you sleep. You can look forward to waking up to skin that looks and feels smooth and hydrated.

This dual-action complex of chemical and enzymatic components will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and calming sensitivity, resulting in soft and radiant looking skin.

What I say: Okay, girls, it’s happened. This is basically an acid toner for your body!

Glycolic and lactic acid make up the acid part of the formula, and Bacillus Ferment is the enzymatic component to help cell turnover. The texture is just like a body lotion, and is just as quick and easy to apply.

It is a good as it sounds. I simply applied it at night, as I would a body cream, and just left it on. In the morning, my skin was softer, smoother and radiant. I have been using it for just under a month, and my ingrown hairs have pretty much gone, too. So not only is my skin smoother, my ingrown hair issue has FINALLY been sorted. (I have had laser, which worked well on the ingrown hairs, but I just haven’t gotten around to going for top up sessions.)

If you have serious dry patches, those little bumps or ingrown hairs, this is a must have in the run up to summer!