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Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime

If you’ve been around these parts a while, you’ll know that I love oils. I use them everyday, on my face, body and hair.

But, I have yet to find an oil-based shampoo and conditioner range that doesn’t weigh down my hair and leave it looking limp and greasy. Even my beloved Moroccanoil can’t get it right.

I think I’ve found a range that works for me, though. The new Oil Ultime from Schwarzkopf Professional comes in variants for fine to medium and medium to coarse. I obviously needed to try the fine to medium range that is enriched with rose and Marula oils.

First up, the packaging is beautiful, and works well in the shower (how I loathe bottles that don’t have a pump or at least are squeezable), and the scent is sublime (it smells exactly like the Spice Girl Impulse spray – how much am I showing my age?!) Having said that, if you aren’t into fragranced hair care, then steer clear of this. It does hang around for a fair while.

The Light Oil-In Shampoo (R290) lathers and cleanses the hair beautifully (it isn’t sulphate free), and although it feels oily in your hands, it doesn’t translate onto your hair. Instead, it just leaves it super shiny and soft.

There isn’t a regular conditioner but the Light Oil-In-Spray Conditioner (R307) is so spectacular, you won’t miss it. The nozzle is fabulous, and delivers the finest of mists, making even application a breeze. It had detangling properties, but my hair rarely knots, so I’ll take them at their word. What it does do however is leave the hair super nourished and smooth.

The last product I tried was the Marula Finishing Oil (R415), which was sadly my least favourite. My gold standard hair oil is Moroccanoil Treatment Light, and is the one I rate all other hair oils against. This one, although lovely and light weight, just didn’t deliver the frizz-fighting results I get from Moroccanoil. But I see that there is an Oil Ultime Barbary Fig Finishing Oil for very dry hair that I might need to get my hands on.

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