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Younilook Mirror Lenses

I’ve been reviewing beauty products for 15 years, and there isn’t much I haven’t seen. So when something lands in my inbox, and I think, ‘that is GENIUS’, it must be unique.

Younilook is just one of those launches.  Farsighted people often struggle to do their eye makeup or pluck their eyebrows because they have to wear their glasses to do it, or have to have their contact lenses in. Younilook takes this problem away in one clever device.

Younilook is basically glasses for your mirror. It attaches to your mirror and comes with 4 different strength lenses, from +1 to +3.25. You choose the strength you want, and simply click into place. The clever nano-grip tape is movable and sticks to any mirror surface.

It also comes with a bright, cool light LED that illuminates the area of your face you’re working on.

I told you – GENIUS!! 

I’ve been trialing it for a few months now, and while I’m actually shortsighted, I can absolutely understand how this would be life changing for farsighted people. 

The nano-grip tape stays put – it hasn’t fallen once, and I’ve moved it quite a few times to test its durability.

Think it will make your makeup routine infinitely easier? You can get yours for R695 from Takealot.